Are You Outdoor Lover? —Gerber Knife & Sharpening Tools for Better Hunting

2011: Kingdom of Gerber knives 

Why Gerber is King of outdoors tools?
“Present is improved version of past and future will be enhanced present.”
Gerber Legendary Blades are chasing that line since 1939 and we are sure they will improve themselves in near future. It seems because of Gerber products available in 2011. Gerber legendary blades industry never disappoints to fans and consumers. Gerber is second name of pocket knives and outdoor tools for survivals, hunters, and military men.
The brand new listing for 2011 satisfied all expectations regarding Gerber’s products. I am huge fan of Gerber knives. I have picked some our favorites.

Gifts from Gerber in 2011
First up is Ultimate Knife. The ultimate is most featured and popular knife of Gerber’s bear Grylls survival series. It comes at top of survival series, designed by Gerber and Grylls, its fully innovated product, there is no other comparison in fixed blade knife line of product. Grylls, host of Men vs. Wild, recommended knife for survivals. Knife’s features are awesome, better grip handle for wild life adventures, rugged sheath , ergonomic rubber grip at base , light weighted military graded sheath  last but not least  diamond sharpener incorporated into sheath. Ultimate knife attracts them who are looking for fighting, combat, survival, and hunting.
Next up is Safety Strap & Box Cutter. Safety Strap & Box Cutter featured with sure grip ‘Techide’ handle .Innovative handle design helps to store 2 spare blades for fast replacement when you need. These listed features make Safety Strap & Box Cutter most glamorous in innovation. Technical specification of knife is quite impressive for lover of Gerber knives, weight 2.1 oz. length 6.0 inch. You can use it for cutting of rope and straps with minimum damage. One quite innovative feature is push and release blade for better time performance in exchange of blades.

At last I want to say that I am delighted by new release of Gerber’s blades for 2011. As I told you in starting of article Gerber legendary blades always looking for better and innovative future , so we all wish something fantastic in near future by Gerber Legendary Blades for hunters, outdoors men , fire fighters, survivals and common people like us.