History: Success story of Gerber Legendary Knife (Tools for Hunting)

How Gerber Knives came in action?
If you will ask to any outdoors man, fisherman, survival, Hunter, they can tell you the reputation of legendary knives by Gerber .The journey of such solid reputation in outdoor tools is pretty much interesting history related to Gerber knife.
The history of Gerber knives is nothing but a journey of Gerber’s success in life. It’s all about Gerber, who became industry leader in outdoors tools from an advertising executive?
The History begins in 1910 when Gerber, in Portland, Oregon, delivered 25 sets of handmade knives to his advertising clients as gift. In 1939 Gerber recognized a great business opportunity after seeing popularity of knives. Joseph Gerber invited his sons, Ham and Pete, to start Gerber handcrafted blades, and Gerber’s history started to cultivate.
Gerber knives: Success is a journey, not a destination
While 1966 brought a Gerber’s knives move to new headquarters to Tigard, Oregon. Later Gerber collaborated with a custom knife maker, David Murphy.
Mark II combat knife, a design by Gerber, became the most popular in Viet Nam war, which was a great achievement of Gerber knives history. After getting remarkable success in outdoors tools and knives industry they never look back.
In ’68, Gerber created “Armorhide” handles (to make knives easier to hold onto when wet). And in 1981, company’s new introduction was LST Knives. The company continued to produce creative, innovative products such as the Multi-Plier (1991), Gator Folding Knife, Silver Trident Military Knife (2002).
In 2003, company’s revenue was $100 million and became the runner up leader in multi-tools in USA. Gerber knives are famous for their creative design and materials used in production of their knives. Gerber’s history took a boost with the new addition of Recoil Auto-Plier, Portable Led Lighting etc. 

Bear Grylls of Man vs. Wild fame collaborated to Gerber knives, that collaboration started new series of knives, Ultimate Knives, 2011.