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What is Gerber Knife?
Gerber knives are choices for them who are looking for hunting, outdoor survival adventure, camping, fishing and some of Gerber knives are used by fire fighters for rescue task. It’s not possible to keep Gerber knives away in our daily life too. Although soldiers uses Gerber knives when they are at military mission because of their toughness.
Why should you buy Gerber Knife?
Gerber knives as famous for their design (match the purpose of use of knives), looks and features for hunting and adventures. There are choices available, you can buy Gerber fixed blade knives and Gerber folding knives. If you are looking for reliability and adaptability, then Gerber knives will be right option for you.
Lots of verities of Gerber knives are available, you just decide for what purpose you want to serve Gerber knives. Gerber knives are providing featured looks, so you can also buy for someone else as a gift, according to his/her daily life requirements related to knives.
There are lots of Gerber pocket knives, all of which carry high quality stainless steel blades with class of handle materials, such as aluminum, nylon and kraton rubber.
Some line of Gerber knives blades are coated with black titanium .Some Folding knives by Gerber are also considered in range of Gerber multi-tool because these knives contain screwdrivers ,scissors etc. all in one knife. So who will not consider knives by Gerber as a good gift for love ones. Some line of knives is specially for the specialist the connoisseur. So that line of knives is carefully designed and most expensive.
So above description of Gerber knives shows, whatever you looking for, there is Gerber that will suit you and your pocket too. 
What makes Gerber different from other manufacturer of knives?
Gerber knives include verity of blade styles like double edge, double serration single serration. So you can prefer one of them .whether you will need for camping, survival or fire fighting.
Knives by Gerber has been pioneering with technologies and bits and pieces such as light weighted but tough handles, rubber on handles for better hold. 

A Gerber Paraframe framelock knife, the Gerber...

Accessories for Gerber Knives
Knives by Gerber are much more attractive when you count accessories for particular product.  Accessories are nothing but supporting tools to boost the quality of blades by Gerver.
Some of accessories are listed blow to improve quality of Gerber knives and to make more attractive product for adventurers, hunters and out-door survivors.

·        Sharpeners

·        Sheaths

·        Replacements Blades
Reference for Gerber Knives
If you have not identified to knives manufactured by Gerber then you should recall a   TV show “Man vs. Wild”. (Bear Grylles uses Gerber knives, tools for survivals) Host of show Bear Grylles has partnership with Gerber for new line of knives, Ultimate Survival Tool.
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