Today is 11/11/11…………………


Today is 11/11/11

Today I wrote a new LENS on Squidoo. If you have time then have a look at both of my LENS.

Lens-1 – Its about a love story of two Indian ordinary people.

Lens-2 – Its about most extended technology of communication science, called VoIP.

Recently i,ll write about my experience with 11:11.  This picture is screen shoot of my desktop. this is the only one example. ASAP I,ll express you the more shocked experience with digits. So keep visiting regularly .

A repeated, unexpected , unbelievable experience with digits such as, 11:11, 111, 2211,4444 etc.

Have a nice day and dont forget to comment on lenses . i,ll wait for you at squidoo.

Take care , GOD BLESS.