Search and Download MP3 Audio Files from Internet


Audio MP3 Search is a program to search and download MP3 audio files from internet using large range of search engine to get the most result. This software helps us to listen to found files at a time that more convenient to them and we can enjoyed to listen and find music which we like.

This software provides a search engine system which leads users to MP3 resources legally available to everyone on Internet. So, we will find the songs that we want. When we search, the keyword that we can use to find the songs on the machine that is the title of music, artist, genre and album, then let the machine find it

After we get the song, the song will be at capacity in this software and we can immediately download it. Take it easy, because all we need to get the songs that we would already exist in this software. 

But, songs that we already get from the search engines will not be directly saved in the folder our song. 

We should delete download files from the computer after listening. Otherwise, we will be solely responsible for the possible consequences.
This software may only be used for educational purposes. This software may NOT be used to download illegal files.