How to Earn Money on internet:Some I recommended

When it comes to internet then i love to search on Google .There are some specified places where you can catch me . Its a hug list but i will talk about some of them.

First and Favorite Adda is “Troubleshooting help line for whole world- Fix-ya

My rhythmic description of that Adda-

“Here you can solve others issues,
you can get answers from others too. 

Doesn’t matter its about  i phone  or windows,
Fix-ya is the place of  all the gurus”

Second Up is Work Place – Freelancer’s Work Place its just for time pass or you can call it part time too.

This is the best place for Writers, designers, thinkers, and anything else.

Just choose your Skills and start working from home .

Now come to the best place, where you can pored out your whole creative skills-Squid.

This is the platform for all of Minds.  Here you can create Lens.

What is Len – Lens is the creative content designed by lens master. lens has great ranking on Google and other search engines.

You can check out the lenses written by me here- Click Now

 Next up is Next Gen Virtual Game called, ANNO1777.

That is the most advanced game , in my opinion. when ever i played that game i thought about a fiction Hollywood movies. 

Concept-1- Here you can earn Virtual currency- nothing new as usual in other games.
               2- Here you can convert you virtual money in to real money.. ohhh that’s what you were looking for.

First social game in which you can change virtual currency into real money.

Setting up an account takes 2 minutes.
You can be a company owner, politician or a military mastermind

There are over 20 kinds of companies from restaurants to banks and lotteries

You can make money with your magazine regardless of the topics you approach

You can buy and sell everything, including other players.

Invite your friends and earn taxes for life from them