Memory Loss is Most Dangerous for Human & Computer System Too: Hard Drive Corrupted Errors

Hard disk is preferred for the computer system because of their ability of faster access to data, proficiency in storing a huge amount of information than floppy disk and other form of disks. Now days, most of the disks have two minimum number of patters and eight maximum number of patters, and they have an intrinsic capability to generate a self processing to resolve an error related to platters of disk.

Errors generated in hard disk are caused by a virus or computer worm or any other malicious software related to hardware. If we will put all the problems into different classes, then we will find three main classification areas to Disk Errors. First up is Software Errors related to corrupted data written to the Hard Disk.

There is no issue in hardware, disk itself. Second up is Hardware Errors, errors in disk itself. It rises because of physical failure, and sometimes these are related to electrical failures.

In such cases, you would require the disk to be repaired or replaced. Last up is Compact Errors those errors sometimes called firm errors because these problems are related to actual material issues on magnetic disk of hard disk that physical error can be resolved by software application. Here one question rises, how can be resolving the physical error by using software, but it happens? Over here the problems related to computer drive: if you experience an error a file reports an error related to CRC error and your O/S is not booting, it’s not easy to recognize the cause of failure, it could be software related of hardware related error or an error related to both. So in this place what should you do?

How do you get rid of Hard Disk Errors?

In Every single operating system from windows 2000 to windows 7 you can use command line utility, called Check Disk in short CHKDSK.

Start>run>write down CHKDSK

CHKDSK’s function helps to check problems related to the file-System for software related error checking.

The problems are related to the file-system then above operation help you out from particular type of error. Suppose the problem is not related to the file-system next run CHKDSK/R .Additional “/r” in command line utility stands for Locating bad sectors and recover readable information.

Check disk will attempt to find out the “Bad Sectors” mark them, so they would not have used again, move readable data to other sectors. That operation of resolving error takes more time. If after that operation, the disk still has problems then move on to Heavy Duty Tools. You can purchase online to resolve Disk Errors. CHKDSK plus Heavy Duty Tools won’t resolve every situation, but significant to use them may put away you from data loss in many situations.