SEO Companies are not supposed to do Mistakes

Hiring a SEO is not an easy task. Suppose your SEO Company is not able to increase traffic then what you will do? Suppose they made mistake and your website banned from major search engines like Google.
After running SEO campaign you are still not on top ranking .Surely you have done some mistakes. This is not compulsory for an internet businessman to have knowledge about technical terms of website development. There are lots of service providers to help you in such matters. SEO companies are providing assistance for internet marketing and all the aspects related to popularity of your website. Now we are going to discuses out some most important issues for SEO.

Firstly I would like to suggest you don’t use flash for your business website. This is because of search engine spiders; they are not able to read content from flash or images.
Secondly you should take care of crawler’s mechanism. Frames shouldn’t be used for developing your website because crawlers can’t craw content of frames as it is coming from different sources.
Expert SEO companies can understand use of keywords better than client. Keyword is sword for internet marketing, so don’t play with your sword, it may harm you sometimes. Using keywords, more than limit, is not good for website ranking. It is known as keyword stuffing. Some search engines completely reject these Meta keywords. So would suggest you keep your keywords within limit to increase your ranking.
Website URL is most important for your business and it also useful for ranking. Always create SEO friendly URL as crawlers easily craw simple and effective URLs.
If you have new website for your online business then Make sure that you are optimizing your site for both search engines and consumers.