How to Block Bad Bots, Crawlers, Scrapers and Malwares?

Block Bad Bots, Crawlers, Scrapers and Malwares?

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Web hosting is the basic need to run a website on internet. Webmasters store their websites on web hosting servers like apache, IIS, cold fusion etc to access it worldwide. Internet is a wide and diverse area and its open accessibility praise and help bad bots to crawl a website. We choose optimum bandwidth while selecting a hosting plan. The selection of hosting plan depends on the bandwidth usage. A website with information context require less bandwidth as compare to live streaming or video gaming sites.

We often seen that some unidentified bots relentlessly use bandwidth of website that cause the loading speed of website become slow and affects the ranking position on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc. Bad bots, scrapers and malwares are unwanted visitors to site and harmful to server bandwidth. These bots harness the resources of server. Here are some methods that are effective…

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