Rudimentary GooglePlus API

Rudimentary GooglePlus API

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 It’s Sunday, I’m at a loose end. Idle hands do the devil’s work, and today that work is to pick at the Google+ Profile page, and make a read-only API out of it.

There’s some nice JSON in there. And when I say nice, I mean undocumented and weird. But there’s good data in there. So, I’ve written some rudimentary code to pull it out and return it to you. What’s the format? That’s for me not to know, and for you to find out.

So, you need a profile id, and you’re good to go. The api is here: But how do you use it?

If I want to use it, I start with my profile, which is here: That gives me profile id, which is 100281903174934656260. I slap that into the api using this url: . Give it a click, have a look. Machine…

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