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Get Serious: Why You Need a Professional Content Writer (SMO)

“Excuse me, Judy, but who’s running our twitter?”– Bill the Owner.

“Sarah is, Bill. ‘Social media competency’ was listed on her resume.”– Judy the Manager.

“Every resume said that. Why did we pick her?”– Bill the Owner.

“She had the most twitter followers.” Judy the Manager.

Does this conversation sound like a company that takes its marketing and brand management seriously? Let’s face the facts, everyone has a twitter, FB, IG, etc. these days, but that doesn’t make them competent enough to manage your SM presence. It’s an art; a skill; social media management is a craft. You wouldn’t hire someone to manage your accounting just because he or she does their own taxes, so why are you hiring an amateur to run your internet presence?

social-media-marketingThis picture is about as far as most college textbooks…

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