Kevin Rose Steps Into Part-Time Role At Google Ventures To Build A New Startup Called North


Serial entrepreneur, investor, and overall Internet good guy Kevin Rose is stepping down from his role of general partner at Google Ventures. The Digg and Revision3 founder will be moving into a part-time role at the firm, and will be using all his spare time to embark on a whole new adventure building a mobile startup called North.

The return to entrepreneurship probably shouldn’t come as a huge surprise: After all, Rose has been all over the Internet for more than a decade building companies like Digg, Revision3, Pownce, and Milk. If anything, his two-and-a-half year stint as a venture capitalist at Google Ventures was more of an anomaly than these plans to found a new company.

Rose came to Google, and later Google Ventures, through the search giant’s acquisition of his last venture, Milk. That company was mostly a mobile design firm that sought to build and…

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