A small token of gratitude

Do You love your Teacher ? Of Course Everyone. Then must read this Small token of Gratitude ..

Straight from My Heart

A teacher is not only someone who teaches, but one who inspires, encourages, supports, appreciates, recognizes talent and prepares their students for life. Be it for the daily life or, for the corporate life.
A teacher plays a very crucial role in shaping everyone’s personality.
Schooling will decide what kind of individual one becomes, what manners, basic etiquettes, command over language, competitive spirit one possess. In college, the professors teach us the right attitude towards life, prepares us to handle stress, multi-task, gives us a bigger picture of what life really is, guides us for our career, develops our personality and above all gives us a glimpse of the corporate world. And there are dance teachers, music teachers, swimming coach who brings out the hiddden talent from all their students. Makes them believe that they can do anything.

Accept it or not, for most of the students, their first role model…

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